2009 KG4CNA qsl  KG4CNA station

Welcome to my Ham Radio Home on the Web! I'm Allen Scofield. I live in Opp, Alabama. I hold an Extra class amateur license. I started out with my
Technician's license in March 1999, upgraded to General in July 2007 and finally (and proudly) to Extra in December 2008.

My HF station is made up of a Kenwood TS-940S and Yaesu FT-900. I use an MFJ-949E antenna tuner to match up my wires, 20M and 40/80M dipoles.
I do not run any amplifiers. I use Fldigi for digital on an Ubuntu Linux computer. I log my contacts with xLog. Fldigi and xLog interact with with each other
very well. My memberships are: ARRL, the OMISS Net (OMISS #6000) and the YL System (YL #16238).

Make contact with me and I'll send you one of my QSL cards (shown above left). No SASE required for North American stations. QSL 100% direct
or LoTW. If you want to drop me a line, please do! Send to Maybe we'll run into each other on the bands! 73!

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